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MABAR is a company that was pioneered with model trains in Spain.It was founded in 1952 by two train enthusiasts, Bartolome Boada and Magda Sebastián, parents of the current partner, Ramón Boada.
They lived in the outskirts of Barcelona near a railway station where they spent most of their childhood playing on the platforms, tracks and buffers.

Mabar tren mas actual

Mabar's intention was to make train enthusiams bigger. Therefore, Mabar come to an agreement with the british company KEYSER, who were to manufacture their models and start to produce a series of Spanish locomotive kits in white metal. KEYSER successfully reproduced the steam locomotives MATARO, MIKADO, NORTH 030, CONFEDERACION and the railcar BRILL. Then the NURIA train etched brass kits followed, as well as ELECTRIC 700, DDE CAR, etc; to fill the gap that existed in the world of the Spanish models.

Our idea was to make all the Spainsh trin models available which, led to the 1992 set-up of a workshop to manufacture small handcraft series, plastic, white metal, resin and etched brass. We also manufatured models at the customers request.

Mabar Tren actual

In November 2005, the train model shop was finally closed. This allowed Mabar to enter a new era under the leadership of the current owners, Ramón Boada and Clotilde Villas, manufacturing HO and N scale models at an industrial level and supplying them through specialised shops.
Mabar has gradually expanded its market and it currently has distributors in France, Portugal, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland, Greece and United States.

Oficinas Mabar del 205 al 2015


En noviembre de 2005 cerró definitivamente la tienda de venta al público, iniciando una nueva etapa bajo el mando de los actuales propietarios Clotilde Villas y Ramón Boada como fabricantes de modelos en escala H0 y N a nivel industrial, distribuyéndolos a través de las tiendas especializadas. Poco a poco se ha expandiendo, aumentando el mercado, contando actualmente con distribuidores en Francia, Portugal, Italia, Benelux, Suiza, Japón, Grecia, China y E.E.U.U.

Oficinas Mabar en la actualidad


Desde Mayo de 2015 MABAR TREN trasladó sus oficinas a la ciudad de Mataró en la 5ª Planta del edificio Torre D’Ara donde cuenta con unas modernas instalaciones donde se desarrolla el I+D de todos los proyectos.

Además cuenta con una sala de exposiciones y una sala de maquetas donde dos veces al mes se realizan jornadas de puertas abiertas SHOW ROOM para que el aficionado visite las instalaciones, vea la colección completa de nuestros productos, así como verlos rodar.


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